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Bodrum – the city of dreams

Bodrum is a place that always surprises, sometimes is a humble and peaceful, sometimes is rapidly and inexorably, free. Bodrum representing the sun, sea and history. Shortest terms, Bodrum is a place where everyone can be happy in their own way, and everyone can see his version of the city.

Some live in modest and quiet peaceful life, while others live with full lungs. This city is a magical destination that contains elements of many cultures and an international place for relaxation. Here the rain pours differently and the sunrise and sunset is something special. Even the wind here is different and the scent of the sea smells differently. That is a city with a vivid nightlife and is the most beautiful and the most happily child of Mother Nature.

The other half of the town is the west side. This mainly revolves around the Marina and Yacht Club. Here life is a little more sedate with shops catering mainly to those who have stepped off their boats. Expensive supermarkets with proper wine and olive oil as well as the obligatory Helley Hanson to be able to purchase your new jacket. There are a number of nice restaurants if you look hard enough and some good clothes shops. Like all resorts being directly on the sea front increases the prices. During the evenings there is a wonderful atmosphere as the locals and tourists all seem to promenade along the sea front.

There are many cultural events – notably the Ballet Festival in August, a wide range of pop concerts at the Castle or in the Amphitheatre which has been restored in the last few years, having been built some 2,000 years ago.

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