Blondes can retire: This is the new hair color for women for which everyone went crazy!

Although we could see some new colors and hairstyles that will be hit for this fall in the meantime there was another totally unexpected color that will leave you amazed. See what it’s about …


It is about the yellow color. But no one blond, as it is usually called, but a real yellow color. As the sun! Color, such as yet we have not had the opportunity to see the streets, and which will no doubt bear only the bravest ladies.


Diametrically opposite of all colors ever seen, is predicted to be a hit in a few months. Fashion bloggers and trendseters already run and stand in line to taste this unusual appearance, which will decorate their hair.

If you choose for this view in the fall, keep in mind that you will surely “fall into eyes” on many people,that will certainly ask you for the number of your hairdresser. Of course, this applies to those which are more convenient.

Those who are not exhibitionists, we recommend to keep their hair color, because this is still a significant change.

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