Big movie premieres that await us by the end of the year!

This year we had the opportunity to watch a lot of amazing movies that will undoubtedly be remembered for a long time. But the year is far from over, and it seems the producers often have the habit of leaving it to the end. In the sequel, look at the 6 major movie premieres that we will have the opportunity to look at by the end of this year …

Thor: Ragnarok – November 3
In this sequel from a series of films about Thor, the god of lightning is captured on the other side of the universe without his powerful hammer. He must find a way to go back to Asgard to prevent Ragnarok, that is, the end of their world..

Murder on the Orient Express – November 10
This film is inspired by the novel of one of the world’s most famous criminal authors in the world, Agatha Christie. The story begins on a completely normal train ride across Europe, but quickly turns into one of the most mysterious and morbid mysteries ever told.

(Justice League) – November 17
Inspired by the restored faith in humankind and the unselfish work of Superman, Bruce Wayne seeks help from the new ally, Diana Princ, to face an even bigger enemy. They together create the League of Justice and defend humanity from the greatest threats.

(Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) – December 20
This film is processing the hit with Robin Williams since 1995. After four teens will discover an old video game console and a video game that they have never heard before, they include it and are immediately transported to it, that is, in the jungle where they need to survive.

(Pitch Perfect 3) – December 22
After winning the World Championship, girls with a perfect voice split up and discover that there are not many opportunities to create their own music. But when they get the chance to unite again for the tour, their adventure will really start!

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