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Beyonce gave Birth..The Babies are here!

Beyoncé and her husband become  parents to 5-year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter, who was born in January 2012. But this time they are perents to their newborn twin babies!

The singer first annonced the news on February 1 by posting an Internet-breaking image of herself on Instagram. The photo, which showed Beyoncé kneeling in front of a flower archway, covered in a gauzy pale green veil, quickly became the most liked image on Instagram. Since then, Beyoncé has made multiple appearances while pregnant.

Toward the end of February, Beyoncé announced that she would be pulling out of her scheduled Coachella performance. Fans and ticket holders were, unsurprisingly, disappointed, but Beyoncé made it clear that her decision was based on her doctor’s advice. She also announced that she will headline the 2018 spring festival (leaving plenty of time for nesting at home between now and then). But knowing Beyoncé, we bet she’ll be back well before next April.

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