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Beaches which disappear from the face of the Earth…

Imagine that your favorite beach until next summer will be destroyed due to erosion or environmental disaster. Although it probably will not happen, however increasingly beaches may soon disappear from the face of Earth.

Landslides, pollution, raising sea levels, excessive construction and exploitation of sand are some of the reasons for the destruction of some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. We selected a few places that can remain only in our memories.

  1. Maldives

The unique belt of coral reefs, which are built beside luxurious hotels world may soon find below sea level, if not stopped raising ocean levels caused by global warming. With an average altitude of one meter, the Maldives, according to estimates of experts, could finish under the sea by the end of this century.


But some geologists predict that the islands composed of coral can regenerate faster than the growth of sea level. However, the rise in temperature of the ocean water, which is a consequence of global warming, prevents the development of coral.

The President Mohamed Nasheed announced that by 2020 the Maldives will become the first state to completely get rid of the use of coal and turn to alternative energy sources, construction of windmills, solar panels, as well as other environmental measures.

  1. Goa

While there are 7,000 km coastline, India attracts more tourists with temples and lavish palaces than with beautiful, exotic beaches. The reason perhaps is that the coastline is neglected by the state. Even 25 percent of the coastline is threatened by erosion caused by the rise in sea level, the outflow of sand and the construction of hundreds of new ports.


The problem is most evident on the popular Goa, the former Portuguese colony, which is celebrated as a hippie enclave and fashionable tourist resort. Almost the entire coastline is eroding, and some beaches already missing and 20 meters from the mainland. The local government requested help from the state, and activists suggest that the reason for this is the construction of major ports and destruction of vegetation by the coast and ecological issues are subordinated to economic interests.

  1. Morocco


Certainly I think that desert country like Morocco has enough sand for everyone, but the theft of sand is common in Moroccan coast. The machines digging deep holes in the sand to use for making cement, leaving behind craters like the moon. Larger sand thefts have been reported in Cambodia, Jamaica and Australia, but experts warn that the situation is most critical in Morocco, where the sand is mined extensively in decades.

  1. Mullins Bay, Barbados


Most Caribbean islands are to some extent affected by coastal erosion. As a country that depends on tourism, Barbados is aware that it must protect its coastline, but some of those attempts only aggravated the situation.

Locals who care about nature consider erosion triggered sea walls and dams erected on the west coast with many luxury villas and expensive hotels. But a government agency to control erosion still promoting a project and all the blame is on the global warming. The rise in sea level and storms certainly play a role, but if it wants to protect its coastline, Barbados also needs to strike a balance between tourism development and care for nature.

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