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Be different: Ideal places for travel during your honeymoon!

When all your friends are constantly choose same places to travel, be different and choose a few different places that you can use to plan your trip for your honeymoon.If you are looking for destinations for your honeymoon, look at this list that others certainly are not remembered, and you will enjoy your days together.

Carefree, Arizona

Entrust to yourself a true delight and select Carefree in Arizona. Just its name – Carefree, which means( careless) sounds tempting, does not it? Here you can feel comfortable, enjoy in the hiking trails, play golf, visit unique shops and delicious restaurants in your first official days together.


Galapagos, Ecuador


Surely you do not think of this destination as an opportunity to make your wedding trip. But definitely now you have to start thinking about this option. Here you can dive to ski on the water, but also to take pictures with the wild animals.This place is considered as one of world’s greatest treasures because many animal species on the island are rare and are found only there.

Makepeace Island – Australia

This island is shaped like a heart, so should I say more? It is home to Richard Branson and here you’re going to feel away from everything, which is what you want, right? This place is very exclusive and its worth to visit, although there the stay will cost you thousands of dollars a day, a minimum of two nights stay.


Kakslauttanen, Finland

Since the hotels are too common, make your honeymoon worth to remember so that you decide to travel to this place where you can watch the Northern Lights while you are comfortably settled in fur blankets.


Complex Giraffe, Kenya

This incredible experience will have to separate most of your finances, and here you will have the opportunity to eat breakfast with the giraffes who can put his head through the hotel window. This is a great destination for those who love wildlife, and would gladly have enjoyed with animals rather than with other people.



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