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Autumn fashion combinations according to the shape of the body!

Autumn is slowly coming to us, which means that it comes with many new fashion rules, but also trends that you need to look at and choose what is most appropriate to your style. Autumn fashion combinations require more attention and effort, unlike in the summer, where a fashionable dress, skirt or blouse is enough for a fashion combination.

Additionally, you should align all autumn pieces of clothing to make them look nice, attractive and comfortable. In addition, you should also try to fit your body building.

If you have a lot of dilemmas and problems about this, then we are sure to find an idea for your perfect autumn fashion combination in the sequel.

Tall girls

If you’re quite tall, then you know that your biggest problem is the high heels in which you look like skyscrapers. But, like any woman, how to resist them on these heels? Fortunately, with the help of certain pieces of clothing you can visually reduce your height. Tight or flat-bed jeans, combined with a blouse that has horizontal lines, will make you look not so high.

Small girls

If you have no expressive curves, but you do not have a height, then you also need to visually manipulate your appearance. Jeans with a slightly deeper structure that spread in the legs like a bell, with a wider blouse, a shirt or a sweater, which are necessarily dragged into jeans, will be a great way to add some volume to your appearance.

Girls with an hourglass shaped body

When you have curves, and a rather narrow structure in relation to them, then freely emphasize your vocation even more. Use accessories like belts , which you will put on the blouse in the waist area. You can do the same on your dress or any other piece of clothing to emphasize your waist and curves, that is, you get a very appealing and beautiful look.

Girls with body shape like “apple”

In such a body shape, you should always emphasize your waist to visually avoid defects. Besides all this, these girls are usually characterized by beautifully built legs, so always try to highlight them too. Autumn is not their best friend, so use your boots up or over your knees to be comfortable and warm.

For anyone’s construction

Such fashion combinations generally fit perfectly for all girls, regardless of their construction. Tight jeans combined with a slightly wider dukser, sweater or blouse, complemented by high heels and raincoats, will be all that you need to achieve a perfect autumn look.

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