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Are you in the mood? This type of food will make you happier!

Our mood is easily changeable throughout the day, so that is why we were really interesting to discover that there is a certain type of food scientifically proven that improves mood and makes us happier.When you feel bad or moody, consider that this food (which you probably already have in the kitchen) as a “happy pills” prescribed by Mother Nature. In addition find out which 7 foods make us happier and see for yourself that will really improve your mood.


Almonds and other nuts

One of the key ingredients of a good mood is magnesium, and the good news is that almonds, indian nuts and peanuts are full of it.

Dark chocolate

Raise your hand if you want chocolate. Now jump free around the room with joy, because you have a great excuse why you should eat chocolate everyday. Science says that it makes us happier and we can not say that it surprises us.


The next time you feel bad and lazy, drink a cup of yogurt. It has been proven that probiotic yogurt reduce stress levels in the body.


Probably all of us  known, that the oysters are an aphrodisiac. Due to the high amount of zinc they contain, keep our immune system strong, and our mood high.


Your morning cup of coffee it can be good for your overall mood throughout the day! Studies have shown that those who during the day drink two to three cups of coffee with caffeine have dramatically less depressed than those days, for example, drink only one cup a day.



The salmon you will find on the lists of all healthy food and for good reason. Its omega-3 fatty acids maintain healthy brain function and therefore is associated with good mood and with the fight against depression.

Green leafy vegetables

Kale, spinach and lettuce can tremendously improve your mood. It is rich in calcium, so you will perfectly balance the changes of mood characteristic of the period of PMS. Plus: Contains vitamins that encourage the creation of serotonin – a hormone happiness!


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