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Apartment for the measure for a young family!

Pink, gray and green tones are the winning formula for the rich and stylish design of this three-dimensional living space..

When the wishes of the owners are very precise, the good result can not be omitted. The home that we present to you has undergone a complete transformation, and since the former “ugly duck”, today is a real modern refuge.

This is a three bedroom apartment with an area of 77 square meters. After the adaptation of the space, the interior now shines in full gloss.

All the potential is smartly used, and it is adapted to the needs of a multifaceted young family. It has a living room, kitchen and dining room, bedroom and children’s room, toilet plus bathroom, as well as a corridor with a warehouse.

And, apart from its functionality, it can boast of impeccable style and unusual urban ambience.

The bright wooden floor is featured in all rooms, including the kitchen with a dining room, while the hallway, the toilet and the bathroom are lined with popular geometric boards.

The apartment abounds in closets, but the designers skillfully link them to the walls, so they act compactly and do not stifle space. On the contrary.

The interior is dominated by a warm palette of pink, gray and green tones, complemented by delicate powdery shades, and additionally emphasize carefully chosen gold and bronze ornaments.

The overall impression is unobtrusively glamorous. With taste and measure – just what we want:

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