All sides of mascara

Classic black, with a volume of elongation or color – for a look that captivates!

  1. Art deco Amazing Effect Mascara

If you want to avoid the feeling of large voluminous lashes glued together, this mascara Art deco contains wax jojoba and sunflower which nourishes eyelashes, gives volume and defines.


  1. Golden Rose Essential Great Curl & Volume Mascar

GR mascara 2

The specially designed brush from this mascara from the line Essential Golden Rose has a single purpose – fantastic to curl lashes while you apply mascara which gives extra volume.

  1. Max Factor Clump Defy Volumising Mascara

Why avoid the volume of eyelashes, fearing the creation of lumps? From the root to the top of flicker – excellent coverage without lumps and with a lot of volume. The choice is yours.


  1. Missyn Intense Volume

In the shade number 16 (Mountain Lake) you will get a mascara in dark blue besides the desired volume, will give you the look and authenticity. No added to perfumes – meaning no allergies, but it has rice formula that nourishes eyelashes.


  1. Lancome Hypnose Star Waterproof Mascara

Hypnotic easy 24 hour mascara is recommended at any time. Waterproof and with two-brush that gives maximum coverage of each flash.


  1. Bourjois Push up Mascara

Thanks to its formula gives a precisely defined direction of eyelashes with excellent effect of abundance.


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