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Are you interested in “alcoholic tourism”? Come with us in tour around Europe and discover where you can taste top traditional beverages in original recipes. Do not overdo it…

  • Malaga and all Andalusia Spain
  • What to try? Wine Dulce

malaga wine dulce

It is a typical Andalusian product, that is most commonly found in bottles of two deciliters. You should drink this wine slowly in small sips. Why? The wine is very sweet and easy to drink, so you can easily get drunk, because it is hard. If you visit Malaga, inevitably local wine Dulce de Malaga, named after the city in which the name got and the ice cream too. Besides wine, here you will earn the sunny weather, numerous beaches and picturesque cities of Granada, Seville, Ronda or Córdoba.

  • Porto,Portugal
  • What to try? Porto and wine Verde

porto wine werde

Porto is the city in which they have named Portugal, and is also the title of the English wine called “port”. It is here that makes fine wine with a rich tradition. Portuguese and British are signatories of the oldest military alliance in the world, and since the English were enemies with the French and the Spaniards, they bought wine from their allies. But the wine was spoiled during the long trip to Britain, and Portugal came up with the idea to mix with brandy neutral flavor to last longer, and in that way they create wine called “port”, which conquers the world. If you are headed to Portugal, you should visit the city of Vila Nova de Gaia. There you will find many wine cellars, where you can try a different “port” age.

port wine

How much is older, the wine is sweeter and stronger and easier to drink (served in small cups).

Green Wine Vinho Verde originates from Minho region in the north and is completely different, it is sparkling, and it is refreshing and has a strong fruity and herbal taste and aroma. It is not green of course!


  • Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia
  • What to try? Honey vodka with pepper

honey vodka with pepper

If, during your staying in Russia you don’t taste vodka, then you have not visited this country. Two types of this drink that you’ll love is grape rakia light taste and of course, honey vodka with pepper. It originated in southern Russia and Ukraine and it is making with honey in which you can add a red hot pepper. At the same time a stronger, sweeter and spicy, so we recommend you to try it out.


  • Naples Almafitian Riviera
  • What to try? Limoncello

napples limoncelo

Naples is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Erope, which is worth to visit in any time and if you want to relive a typical nipples experience, obligatory taste limoncello – liquor of lemon, and so many fruits. Limoncello is a drink that dates hundred years ago with dark yellow color. Sweetness and brightness depend on the ratio of water and lemon extract, and can be sweeter or bitter. We advise mandatory to drink a shot of limoncello while enjoying the view of some of the beautiful squares. Of course with a slice of Italian pizza!



  • Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria

What to try? Ouzo, Tsipouro and Mastika

ouzo greece


Anyone who even once traveled to Greece and Bulgaria knows about magic translucent drink of anise, which is becoming milky white when it will add a few ice cubes. This trick applies not only to change the color, but also to drink diluted.

The drink in Greece is called ouzo in our country it is called Mastika, and is also found in Bulgaria. In Arab countries it is called “arrack” or “raki” if you’re in Turkey. All these drinks are fennel and have over 45 percent alcohol, so be careful when you drink it! Today Journeys in Istanbul are very popular, so behold the opportunity to escape into little warmer places with refreshing drinks.

ouzo pilada

mastika peeva


  • The best Beer in Europe

Every October in München is held Oktoberfest, which is the most popular Beer manifestation in Europe. This city abounds with 34 Beer gardens. If you want to try top of the class beer you should visit Hofbaruhaus, this is the place where Hitler and his followers planed the state impact.

octoberfest beers

One of the best Beer in the world is Soproni Fekete Demon, this beer is served only in Budapest, hier there is a place called Szimpla Kert where everyone is drinking beer standing.

Other places where you can try extraordinary beer is town Bamberg in Germany, Amsterdam, Brussels, Prague and Dublin, what’s interesting here is that in Prague you can order Beer massage or Beer cosmetic treatman.

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