8 weirdest diets ever invented!

Some people are so desperate to reduce their weight, they would have tried absolutely everything.


Precisely because of them there are 8 weirdest diets ever invented, that frankly, aren’t recommend it to anyone.

  • Diet with soup of cabbage

The diet that does quantitative limit, but you can eat only one thing – soup of cabbage. The Cabbage has a low percentage of fat and calories and is high with fiber, so it is considered advisable food.

  • Baby food diet

We know that at first glance is really delicious. But imagine all of the 5 meals you need to replace it with baby cereals?

  • Diet with crispy cookies and crackers

Whether you can replace all meals with 6 cookies per day? So and we thought.

  • Diet with slowly chewing

Slow chewing aims quickly to saturate you because will make you an illusion that you a ate more. In this diet should chew the food 80 times before  turn into liquid and to swallow.

  • Diet with blue lenses

The market in Japan offer blue lenses that will make food less tasty and cost $ 20.

  • Diet with grapefruit

According to this diet you should eat a grapefruit with each meal which there must be no more than 800 calories.  Keep the diet 2 weeks for obvious results.

  • Diet with parasites

This is dangerous, just as it sound. It’s about diet in which you can enter parasites that can eat rotten piece of meat. Followed by vomiting unpleasant processes through which threw out food from the body.

  • Diet with laxatives

With this diet you lose weight by loosing fluids from the body. And it’s not the healthiest.




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