8 spots on the face for applying highlighter!

The Highlighter is a true wonderworker, for which our face looks better, healthier and fresher!

Emphasizing the face with a highlighter is still our favorite part of make-up … But how properly to apply it with the best result?

These are 8 face points that are ideal for applying a highlighter.


  1. Forehead – There is a small trick here. Mix very little from the highlighter with your powder powder and apply on the forehead (be careful not to overdo it). As a result, you will get skin that looks exclusively cherished and healthy.
  2. The inner corner of the eye
    This point will open your eyes, and you will look fresh.
  3.  Top of the nose
    Apply from the highlighter along the nose to the top. This trick will trim your nose.
  4. Under the eyebrows
    It will make your eyes bigger and more open.
  5. Between the upper lips
    As a touch, apply a highlighter with the tip of your finger in the small recess of the upper lip.
  6. Mouth
    To make your lips look full, apply a highlighter in the middle of your lower lip, then apply a lipstick.
  7. Cheeks
    Apply a highlighter to the upper cheeks, so emphasize your face.
  8. Whole face
    This trick will serve you well for the days when you are not well sleepy. Mix your powder with a little highlighter, apply on the face and give it a healthy glow.

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