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8 magnificent cities for which you don’t need a car to see them

People drive cars more than 100 years and they are considered to be primarily a vehicle. Unfortunately, it is not the most suitable way of movement.

For example, in London very quickly you reach your destination if you go by bike than by car. Each country has cities where traffic congestion is absolutely unbearable.

That is why many cities began to create pedestrian zones where car traffic is completely prohibited.


  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a city with a minimum of cars in Europe. In the ’60s of the last century city government began to spread pedestrian zones and narrow boulevards in the city center. Today Copenhagen has over 320 kilometers of bicycle paths. Also in the plan is to build new bicycle highways that will link to the suburbs.


  1. Hamburg, Germany

Although cars are strictly forbidden in the center, the town hall gives its best citizens to freely walk and move with bicycles or public transport. It has also started construction of the project known as the “green network” made of bicycle paths and pedestrian zones will be completely isolated from the slopes for motor vehicles and will cover more than 40% of the city.


  1. Madrid, Spain

Most of the streets in the center of Madrid pedestrian zones and whoever enters there by car must pay a fine of $ 100. The only exception is made for people who live in these areas. Also, those who own cars with the highest emissions pay expensive parking. City Hall has planned town center to fully ban the traffic and streets to reallocate the pedestrian zone in the next 5 years.


  1. Paris, France

Due to the significant increase in pollution two years ago, the city of Paris has introduced a car restriction on the principle driving the par-odd in terms of number plates. This measure was successful and pollution decreased by 30%. Today in Paris has several pedestrian zones, and residents from the surrounding areas are not allowed to move there by car on weekends.


  1. Helsinki, Finland

In the following 10 years will significantly increase the population in Finland, but in contrast, the number of vehicles will be reduced. The new project, automobile traffic will be allowed only in the suburbs, and the center will be reached only by public transport. Many mobile applications were developed to residents of Helsinki easier to find places where you can rent bikes. Hence the need for cars in Helsinki is smaller.


  1. Chengdu, China

The streets of this suburb Chinese were originally designed so you can walk to get to any location in 15 minutes. Only half of the streets are open to car traffic, while the other half is allocated to bicycle paths and pedestrian zones.


  1. Bogota, Colombia

Walkways and bicycle paths in Bogota were made in the 50s of the last century. Today in Bogota has more than 300 kilometers of bicycle paths. Most of the streets in the city center pedestrian areas and there are only reached by public transport.

Colombia / Bogota / Callejon del Embudo or 'Funnel Alley' / Oldest and Narrowest Stone Made Street / El Chorro de Quevedo (where Bogota was founded)

  1. Milan, Italy

Milan city government gives vouchers for free public transport to people who deliberately leave their cars at home. All cars are registered in a special system if they remain parked at the residence; the cardholder receives money for a ticket on public transport.


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