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7 Secrets of the idian woman for fast hair growth!

Meet Sushmita – the hindu is guru for hair care on YouTube.All adore her long hair and flawless, so if you want to steal a few tricks and tips, these are her 7 Secrets:

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1.Aloe Vera gel for Hair

With Juice or aloe gel in massage the roots of the hair. The massage improves blood circulation, and Juice is better absorbed. Leave the mask for 2-3 hours to dry or sleep with it if in the morning you have time to wash your hair.


2. Mask with panthenol

This treatment is especially useful if your hair falls and if you want to restore the hair follicles. Wash your hair as usual,apply panthenol in any form in clean hair, focusing on the root. By applying panthenol of all hair It can help you to reduce the electricity.


3. After washing, rinse your hair with cold water

After you wash your hair as you usually do, the mask or conditioner rinse with cold water. This will improve blood circulation, resulting in faster hair growth.


4. Washing with vinegar

Wash your hair with shampoo and instead of regenerator apply apple cider vinegar. It is recommended not to rinse because apple vinegar smell is not as strong as wine. This is enough to do 3-4 times a month to strengthen your hair.


5. Protein mask

Beat two egg whites and apply them to the root and slowly spread throughout the hair. Wrap in a towel to keep warm head. Lack of protein often makes hair brittle, and this mask will improve the situation


6. Mask of yolks and brandy

This mask makes hair stronger and stimulates the growth, and you only need  2 eggs with 1 small cup brandy. Beat with a mixer, and apply the mixture in the root. If you want to classify the entire hair, add a little olive oil.


7. Use essential oils

Combine several essential oils or just put coconut oil. Apply to the root and wait 2-3 hours to act. Twice rinse with shampoo.



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