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7 important rules that you must know before applying a dark lipstick

Dark shades are designed for self-confident girls who know exactly what fits on their face.

But before you take the dark lipstick in your hand, you must know some important rules of stylists:

Correct the red skin
When you’re wearing dark nuance of lipstick, the redness of the skin and the stains are further emphasized.

Therefore, before applying a dark lipstick, first with a corrector, cover all irregularities on the face.

Test which nuance is best for you
There is a huge palette of shades of dark lipsticks, but according to the color of your eyes and skin tone, choose what fits the best.

Let the girls with light eyes cling to the dark pink shades, while the dark girls to the brown tones. Brunettes are best for red shades.

Before you buy a lipstick always try the tester
Although you know the hue you want, you still need to test a tester if that shade of a particular brand really suits you.

The most important thing is to see if lipstick refreshes or makes you look even tighter.

Apply lipstick with a brush
The dark nuance lipstick may look unusual if you do not apply it properly. It’s best to do it with a brush.

First make a frame of the mouth, then fill it in the middle.

At the end Use the lipliner for the lips 
When you finish putting lipstick, you only need to define your lips with a pencil.

Do it precisely and discreetly.

Forget on the glitter
The lip gloss is not recommended with dark lipsticks. Hold on to the chic matte look and mystique.

Carry it confidently
Remember that if you do not wear a confident dark lipstick, it’s better not to put it at all.

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