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6 things that are simply so stressful

Hair coloring

And finally you decided to make a change in the hair color. You picked the perfect red shade and confidently headed by your hair dresser…and one hour later…your hair looks like a clown wig, and you just don’t understand how to get out that your hair is orange.


Running on bus

You checked good that it’s coming for 2 minutes. Yet you’re thinking about If you run , can you catch it or not? While thinking, already 1 minute passes. Well, finally decided to hurry. Mini marathon in high heels and suddenly station seem very far it looks pretty nervous. And normally you will be exactly there ,when the bus driver will close the door before your nose. It looks like the world has crashed on your head and the backup plan is of course the taxi.


When your lap top is crashed

The seminar paper that you write for weeks and  is very important  for the faculty, during the writing  your computer  suddenly  is off and the paper is not stored . The whole effort is wasted….what a catastrophe… damned new technology!la

Cleaning the Bed

When someone says that you must do your bead in the morning your laud thinking in your head is: oh there is more important things right now, than the bad, it can wait of course at least.

Dial dress for bridesmaid

 “I just wanted to enjoy on the most important day of your life, really  it doesn’t  matter what kind of dress you want me to wear I swear”.. Translated it means.. “If you force me to try another such terrible pink dress without suspenders i will kill you seriously!”


Accidental Meeting with your ex boyfriend

What should I do, run away or to pretend that I have not seen him?! Why he had to appear exactly today?..That’s one kind of survival of the scene when Miranda and Carrie the first time will meet Aidan and Steve in the cafe. Not so scary, or yes ?


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