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6 easy and inexpensive ways to freshen up your style!

There are times when you are fed up with the clothes that you have in your closet. But that’s no reason to throw away everything and start buying new clothes. Instead of that, you can try these easy and inexpensive ways that will complement your style and you will feel different.

  1. Replace the shoelaces


When we’re constantly wearing the same shoes with the same bands, it may seem annoying. Rather than spend more money and buy a new pair of shoes, replace just their shoelaces. The new bands will breathe and look great. The most important thing is it does not cost much and you can easily perform this.

2. Replace the buttons with others


Surprising but true: The buttons speak a lot about the jacket. So, rather than spending a bunch of money on a new, there is a easy way to refresh the look of your old jacket just with replacing the buttons.

3. Use the fashion accessories in a different way

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You mean that the scarves are intended to carry the neck, right? But it is not their only purpose. Tie it around the strap of the bag and get a different look. You can also use the necklace in role of bracelet.

4. Refresh the old jeans


Chances are big that you have old jeans in your closet which you do not wear them anymore. But you can refresh their appearance by making them rip.

5. Crop the edges of the jeans 


In addition you can change the appearance of the jeans so you can refresh them with that you will change the edges.

6. Place a small brooch on the collar of the jacket


Small interesting brooch on the collar of your jacket can make your look more beautiful and impressive. It does not cost much and is a wonderful fashion accessory.

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