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5 trends that dominate the world of make-up this summer season!

The make-up, the inevitable female routine that emphasizes the most beautiful facial features or transform completely, should not be a taboo even in the summer, regardless of the high temperatures.

Remember that with a good substrate (primer), a light mineral powder and a retainer you will have a gentle and beautiful look.

All those who are ready for experimenting, try out some of the next five hottest trendsetters in this summer season:

Shiny eyes

They are allowed in each variant – like the shadow of the entire eyelid, in the form of a shower line above or below the eye, on the lower lid.

Dramatic strong colors

Bold and dramatic, a blend of explosive colors – orange, red, green, yellow and blue. In a word – the rainbow of your eyes. You can combine several colors or put one on your entire eyelid, it’s important to be brave and not to change your mind when applying.

Pastel shiny eyes and transparent lustrous lips

It is most likely both to shine with a glossy gloss, and the underlying colors underneath them to be soft and pastel. This means that you choose shades like gentle baby’s pink, powder paint or beige and champagne shades. Cover the lips and eyelids with a translucent luster for a perfect finish.

Natural eyebrows

When you have dense and beautiful eyebrows and do not need too much makeup. They are a sufficient ornament on their own.

Pink lips

All variants of pink lipstick are in focus this summer season, from gentle pastel shades to hot explosive pink tones. Lipstick is sufficient by itself, you do not need too much extra make-up on your eyes.

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