5 tips for weight loss from the woman who makes the menu of Victoria’s Secret models!

You are wrong if you think that the models of Victoria’s Secret can thank the good about their genes.

The truth is that you can and thank the woman who makes their food menu. Besides coaches, the team of Victoria’s Secret includes a woman who planned the meals to prepare for the show.



Her tips are easy, cheap and useful, even if you are preparing for a fashion show on underwear. Top 5 tips to reach your ideal kilows:

1. Eat oatmeal for breakfast – It provides enough power and a sense of satiety for a longer period.

2. Drink green juice before morning exercises – Until getting enough green vegetables and fruits, the body is more easily hydrogenated after training. However, it is recommended to replace whole meals with these juices and shakes.

3. Avoid sugar – no space for sweets in the the diet which aims to make the body perfectly.

4. Cook on your own way instead of buying food – so much more you will appreciate the food and you will not be in a hurry as brief picnic. Plus, this way reducing them chances to eat something you’re aware that it’s inside.

5. Do not eliminate the “bad” food groups – Believe in balance. Trust and listen to your body when you said something he wants. Be less strict and more understand his needs.

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