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5 colors that perfectly go in combination with the red, and are not black and white!

The red is valid for one of the bravest, most powerful and exciting colors you can carry on yourself. The very attractive tone explains her immense popularity in different styles of dressing.

Although the red color itself is quite sufficient, there always existed brave trendsetters who knew how to carry it on themselves in different combinations.

While red-black-and-white and red-dark blue-white are safe and timeless combinations, there are still several colors that could be perfectly combined with a ruby nuance.

Well, if you want to separate them from the default and switch to a somewhat less secure zone, look at which nuances would perfectly fit in red as the basic color.

Probably this will seem like one of the strangest combinations, but ocher and red are two strong colors that fit perfectly together.

The red-pink combination is a favorite for every modern girl.

Although, entering the same family of colors, you will simply never make a mistake with any shade of pink and ruby.

Cream- brown
If you want a color that neutralizes the red tint, and of course it’s not black, the right choice is the cream variant.

This color,is not attacked, looks really rich and intriguing.

Heavenly blue
This combination simply never comes out of fashion.

The blue gives a new freshness to the red, and the red one again encourages this gentle blue tint, they are always in love.

Soldier green
It may seem like unimaginable, but this combination is really strong and vibrant.

As contrasting colors, red and military green together look really rebellious, and on the other hand their compactness gives freshness and youthful appearance.

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