4 things you may not rubbed on your face

All the girls love to experiment with the products they put on their face. Thus, homemade masks and lotions were always interesting for us all. However, experts warn that women should be careful that put their person or that it should be and everything will come to hand rubbed directly on the skin.

  1. Alcohol
  • Alcohol often disinfect wounds, but not at any cost not place pimples or sores on the face, because you immediately will dry your skin.

2. Sugar

  • It is already known that excessive sugar consumption brinks to weaken the elasticity of the skin, and it lead to the appearance of wrinkles. Experts say it is not just the intake of sugar in the body, but that external application of sugar on the skin can have the same consequences.

So the mask with brown sugar should only be dialed in the fight against cellulite, but you shouldn’t put on the face.

  1. Body lotion

Believe it or not, many woman the body lotion are using like a cream for the skin. This is completely wrong, because the skin of the face is so soft and more delicate unlike the skin of the body and for her you should used softer products. Also the body lotions are consists of perfumes that can delicate the skin of the face.

  1. Hair spray
  • Of course, none of us would knowingly inflict hairspray on his face, but chances are it can do until we apply bow on the hair. Bow is full of chemicals that clog the pores, which can lead to side effects and occurrence of pimples.


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