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4 groceries with which Jennifer Aniston maintains youth and her fit body!

Jennifer Aniston is a true fitness inspiration and a synonym for a woman that doesn’t get old.

Once we know her in the role of Rachel from Friends, Aniston seems to be the same.


At 48, she looks fantastic, and recently discovered what her diet regime is like. Specifically, she discovered without which 4 foods did not spend one day.

“I always have an article that is a great salad when it’s cold. I gut him in mustard. It’s a great and healthy meal. I also make compulsory salad from celery and cucumbers. These are the refreshing snacks I adore. ”

When there is time, make intensive training of 75 minutes, but when there are only 10 minutes of the day practicing various exercises of several sets.

“1 minute running, 1 minute sprint, 1 minute walking, 1 minute running and 1 minute sprint. Repeat it again. This short training will shake every muscle in your body. “

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