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4 colors that will dominate in the arrangement of kitchens in 2018

Do you want dark bold colors or something fresh with adventurous shades? The good news is that this year the color palette of the kitchen interior is for everyone’s taste.

If you are bothered with the kitchen cabinets, simply replace the color, add new details, and the change will be more obvious.

Designers are unanimous when it comes to color trends for 2018.

Below you can look which colors of kitchen elements will be a real hit this year:

Light gray
This gray tint with blue tone is probably the most popular color right now. The freshness that gives it to the space makes one of the most desirable colors for an open kitchen concept.

Light gray kitchen elements go great in combination with a dark floor.

The navy blue
Light blue is a great choice if you want to disperse the colorful magic in a room that is often the victim of the monochromatic traditional arrangement.

Kitchen elements dressed in this color give you real freshness and a sense of living in a small seaside town.

Dark green
Deep forest tones are fantastic if you are trying to create a provocative ambiance. Designers believe this is the sexiest choice you can make when kitchen elements are concerned.

This nuance goes great in combination with light wood and high bargain chairs.


Almost black
This nuance gives a special dramatic, but also avant-garde note, especially in rooms that do not have enough natural light.

Dark tones make the space more pleasant and appealing to those who stay in it.

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