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4 chic hairstyles for the holiday parties!

Before us is a festive season, so the search for ideas for makeup and hairstyles is in full swing. To facilitate us this “process”, Harper’s Bazaar and hairdresser Matt Fugate offer four modern hairstyles.

Segmented horsetail

Tip: Save the volume and the messy hair for not to look too sporty.


Half – Half

Half of the hair remains collected, the rest is relaxed and decorated with hairpins.


Elegant and Gentle

Create a side parting hair off-center and sweeping it into two low ponytails side-by-side at the base of your neck.Turn them like a rope until they begin to bend and fasten them with hairpins. If the peaks are blown, leave it to give a flavor to your hairstyle.


Disco locks

The style of the 80s returns to the fashion scene. Tiny curls and volume will capture this view. It is best to combine it with impressive choker in Metalist tint.




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