3 tips for smart shopping nutrients


3 tips for smart shopping nutrients

  1. Carefully select the groceries – when you buying, choose a solid and healthy fruit, with an appropriate level of maturity. More often consume organic products, but is careful to really be organic.


  1. Watch on your portion size: for example, 40-year-old woman who daily deals with light physical work should not consume more than 170 g cereals, 2-3 cups of vegetables, 3 cups of milk, 150 grams of meat or legumes (beans, lentils ), 5 teaspoons of oil, with minimal amounts of additional sugars.


  1. Do not believe blindly in the name “100% natural”, “no preservatives”, “fresh”, etc., because mostly marketing gimmicks used by manufacturers to distinguish themselves from others and thus to improve their business. If you carefully read the inventory of the ingredients of the product, you will notice that often contain additives obtained chemically.

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