3 secrets but magical places for skiing in Europe!

These three European resorts in different countries, are accessible, charming and full of ski attractions and less known to the tourists.


1. “Grindelwald”, Switzerland

This charming village has beautiful landscapes attractive to all enthusiasts who love winter and want to skate.

How to get there? This village is just a three-hour trip from Zurich by train.

Where to stay? Nothing captures the charm as it captures the hotel “Romantik Hotel Schweizerhof” with its wooden facade of the 19th century.

Where to eat? Near the hotel is the restaurant “La Pendule d’Or” offering homemade, and French cuisine.

What to do? Apart from skiing, you can walk along the path “Rasthysi”, to taste the Swiss version of Irish coffee or to travel by train “Jungfrau” for a spectacular sight.

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2. “St. Anton am Arlberg “, Austria

This classic Tyrolean village is considered the birthplace of modern skiing, and is well known because of slopes for skiing.

How to get there? St. Anton am Arlberg away is 2 and a half hours from Zurich or 3 and a half hours from Munich.

Where to stay? In one of the traditional rooms of the hotel “Alte Post” in the heart of the village.

Where to eat? The restaurant “Hospiz Alm” which offers magnificent views over the village and delicious food or the comfortable and warm atmosphere and pizza restaurant “Pomodoro”.

What to do? Spend a day skiing there should not end without some tasty cocktail at the legendary bars “Krazy Kanguruh” or “Mooserwirt”.

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3. “Val Gardena”, Italy

At the heart of the valley near the Dolomites there is a massive space with paths known as “Sella Ronda” where all Italian families enjoy winter.

How to get there? “Val Gardena” is away for three hours from airports in Verona or Innsbruck, Austria.

Where to stay? Hotel “Alpino Plan” made in a minimalist style.

Where to eat? The restaurant “Rifugio Emilio Comici” offers delicious grilled fish and perfect tiramisu or the restaurant “Ristorante Nives” where you can enjoy traditional northern Italian cuisine.

What to do? “Ortisei” is a great place where you can explore drvorezbarskata tradition dating back to the 17th century or enjoy some wine in the wine bars.

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