3 psychological thrillers that will turn your blood into ice…

Really rarely you can caught a good psychological thriller. Some have a good story, but poor implementation. Others surprise with good style, but offer poor structure of the characters or the story has holes that you can not forgive.

These three psychological thrillers undoubtedly will shorten your dream and leave you with open mouth.We guarantee that their reading is like riding a crazy railway station.

“Pretty Girls” – Karin Slaughter

Three sisters… mysterious disappearance. Broken family pain, many question marks unanswered. Shocked case without epilogue. 24 years later, the parts of the puzzle begin to compose.But to find the answers you need to dig deep into the past, with fearing that all festered sores may come to light.

This book is extremely disturbing because it reveals the beast nature and the masks that the people are carrying…

With strong, sharp tongue and for the morbid graphics it is talking about misconceptions and lies, the inner demons, but above all the unbroken sisterly love.

And the parents, who dominates over all the emotions in the human spectrum….


2. ” Faceless Killers” – Henning Mankell

What is the motive behind the murder of an old couple, who was sleeping in a secluded hamlet, which looks like all the clocks don’t move the arrows? The detective Kurt Valander for the author Henning Menke’s what’s Hercule Poirot, for Agatha Christie. Maybe he is not disciplined and perfect, but there is something warm and human in his face…

He is the chosen one who should unravel the reel with the mystery and find the truth that lies behind the last spoken words from the old woman…Mankell has a real talent for creating a tense atmosphere. He creates a real characters, mixed with adrenaline and excitement to move the action, aided by the harsh Swedish temperatures that capture the cold exterior.

“It’s time to live and time to die.” You must read this book.


3. “Before I go to sleep” – Stephen Watson

Christina lives with a rare form of amnesia. Her brain is “programmed” to erase all of her memories of the end of the day. The dream completely blurs her image of herself and for the the past.

Following the instructions of her psychiatrist she leads a secret diary that begins with an intriguing message: “Do not trust Ben!”

And Ben is the only one in who Christina thinks that she has full confidence.

This book contains a universal truth about the man despite all the trauma is unbreakable, that is fighting and for the tireless road to the truth.The excitement and issues remain to the last page. The content will keep you in suspense and tension that you will long remember.


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