3 proposal Books from the Queen of psychological thrillers – Gillian Flynn

If you have not read anything from her, it is necessary to fix the mistake as soon as possible.

The 45-year-old American writer has the right recipe for writing great thrillers, which are filled with adrenaline, tension and mystery to the last page.


The novels are read at an incredible pace, each subsequent page as spinning itself.

Gillian has an incredible sense of creation, dark stories and distorted characters. She pays attention to every detail and perhaps because of its disturbing books are among the best-selling psychological thrillers of all time.

  1. (Sharp Objects) Is the first book, published in 2006.

    The main character, the journalist Camilla Priker is becoming the task to investigate the murder of two girls in her hometown. It means imminent meeting with her hypochondriac mother and half-sister who barely knows her. Camilla is hiding a deep secret from the past, which unsuccessfully trying to erase from their memories. Exploring the mysterious double murder, Camilla will have to face their own demons …

  2. (Dark Places) Experiences the light of day in 2009.

    In a small provincial town, where everything seemingly looks peaceful happens massacre of a poor family. The mother and the two girls were killed. The only survivor, Libby Day, managed to escape through the window, and brother Ben Day is accused of triple murder. 25 years later, while Ben is serving his prison sentence, the  reel crime begins to unwind. Is Ban the real killer? Ghastly story, whose stunning end could never have foreseen.

    3. (Gone Girl)Amy is gone is a novel that Flynn suffered a planetary success. The story of Amy Dunn is a thriller sensation that no one will leave it indifferent.

    Amy and Nick prepare to celebrate the fifth anniversary of their marriage, which outside looks perfect. Suddenly, the smart, witty and amazing wife of Nick, disappears from the house.

    All eyes now are turned into her husband, who looks pretty doubtful, but is he guilty of her disappearing? Where is she?

    This ingenious and tangled story will leave you without sleeping.

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