3 proposal books for July!

Desiring more to motivate you to read and thus to enrich your personal lives,this month we’re offering to you three titles that will sure win your heart and you will not let them leave until you read and the last page.

The benefits of reading were the subject of interest of many studies, and what proved to be the result of all this research is that the books have a huge impact on the psyche of the people.

They will relax you and will make you to forget about all the problems, but also will make you richer for a new experience and a new story that you never know how much it can help you in your life dilemmas.

  1. “The Glassblower of Murano “- Marina Fiorato

    Marina Fiorato of an excellent way will walk you through the time showing you the two sides of Venice.

    Venice from the 17th century, at which time was killed a family of Koradino Manin, and he is gifted a chance for life only because his protector in it recognizes the wonderful gift blowing in the glass, skill in which the island of Murano will become known through the whole world.


    The young artist will be held even in the court of Louis XIV which will face the greatest temptation in life.

    The second Venice is one that lives and pulses in the present Venice in which another Leonora, a descendant of Koradino will come with a desire to perfect its ability to glass-blowing. She was running away from the failed love and all the problems she bring with her.


   2. “The oxford Murders” – Guillermo Martinez

When mathematician will awaken the desire for writing you can not expect anything but a novel that will show that the behavior and actions of people perfectly follow the rules and laws of mathematics.

Martinez, who has completed postdoctoral studies in Logic at Oxford, gets you into the world of mathematics and logic, and will not let you leave the book aside even for a moment.

The novel tells of a professor who, along with a student explore strange series of murders in Oxford, England.

All murders are linked by mathematical symbols and codes that announce the following slaughter of a long series.

Police hurry to catch the killer before the numbers become too great, but whenever they come up to him realize that something has failed and are facing with a new password and a new body …


3. “Punishment for the sin” – Jelena Bacic Alimpic

Extraordinary trilogy that will leave you breathless from the first to the last page. Three stories woven with a thread that connects the inseparable way.

“The night when the dispersal came”was spoken the story of forbidden of the Mihajlo a sun of a wealthy landowner, and Emilia, daughter of blacksmith, a love that defies all the rules and laws in a time where the money will condition how people will perceive you…





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