3 incredibly good films worth to watch in January!

Besides the Christmas movies this month are expecting us 3 more interesting movies that are worth to see them.



Matthew McConaughey continues to surprise us with the choice of roles, this time as Professor Kenny Wales ,Act dad, Renault, owns company digging for gold. Precisely because of that company assembled an unusual friendship in search of gold as far as Indonesia. The main message of the film – like the protagonist says “If I sell the dreams, then what remains?”

“Live by Night”

Ben Affleck decided to rebuild his fruitful collaboration with the writer  Dennis Lehane (Gone Baby Gone) and combines incredibly good actors (Sienna Miller, Brendan Gleeson, Zoe Saldana, Chris Cooper …) to show us a good, old-fashioned mob movie which tells the story of an ambitious Joe Coughlin. The story takes place during the era of prohibition (on sale and manufacture of alcoholic beverages).

“Hidden Figures”

Adapted from the eponymous book, “Hidden Figures” tells the fascinating true story of a group of women of African-American origin that have become indispensable for the space program at NASA in 1950 before starting the segregation.




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