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La Reserve Hotel & Spa in Paris is the best hotel in the world!

La Reserve Hotel & Spa in Paris was selected as the best hotel in the world by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine.

For the past three decades, every year the magazine requires readers to vote for the best hotel. This year more than 300,000 readers voted for about 7,320 hotels. The readers evaluated the rooms, service, food, design and other values ​​of the hotel. This hotel received the highest marks in each category.

The hotel was opened in 2015 and quickly became famous in that branch. According to the magazine, the building was originally intended for the half-brother of Napoleon II. Later, the building became residential. Today, the hotel’s guests can enjoy decorations from the 19th century, with a marble fireplace and beautiful furnishings.

The hotel has a rich library.

The hotel has 26 apartments and 14 rooms, with its own butler. Its goal is to help you in everything – from packing to filling the tub. Guests can continually contact the butler and he is responsible for making your stay in the hotel pleasant.


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