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New autumn trends in the interior!

See which are the biggest autumn 2017 trends, for interior decoration and choose your favorite!

As this material managed to “penetrate” into the fashion world, the same thing happened with the interior. With the help of this warm, luxurious material, you can completely change the appearance of the furniture or accentuate it with smaller details like pillows.

Hanging décor
Although this is nothing new, it is worth mentioning. Every decoration hanging, whether it’s an interesting motto on the wall, paintings or entertainment motifs on the ceiling, will surely give your premises a fun and youthful atmosphere.

Pure shades
Do not expect the powdery tint (like the “millennium” pink) to fall into oblivion in the near future. However, one thing will change: the colors it fits with. With the tender, powdery tint this autumn we choose copper, blue and green-blue, which will add a special note for every interior.


Modern candlesticks
Invest in several modern candlesticks like these from the picture and add to your home a romantic atmosphere. Regardless of whether you are in love or not, you will surely enjoy the calm light and the candlelight ambience. Scented candles are also not a bad choice, they will additionally beautify the space.

Roofs with interesting design
Add to your bedroom or living room cover with an interesting, geometric design. Choose some in neutral colors that will fit perfectly into any interior.

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