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15 female actions that make men lose their emotions!

It is not uncommon for the most perfect couple-month relationship to suddenly cool down and become more burdensome than satisfaction.

Why the Men Lose their Emotions Overnight?

Nothing happens overnight, only you need to remember it. Probably it’s about at least one, or a set of multiple situations that led him to lose his emotions.

The 15 most common reasons that make you doubt the success of your relationship are the following:

1. Send mixed alerts and show interest to other people.

2. You constantly ignore him when you should keep his back.

3. You repeat the same mistakes that slowly lose your trust.

4. Violate your self-esteem, intentionally or unintentionally.

5. Use it for his name, money, or physical appearance.

6. You refuse to agree and get closer to people who care about it.

7. Glimps “too hard to satisfy” and make you prove it before you.

8. Too much depends on him.

9. You are jealous and paranoid for no reason.

10. Playing hot-cold.

11. Show him that you are not a good person.

12. Keep it from doing things that make him happy.

13. You have different moral values.

14. You lie to him for all kinds of treasures.

15. You are hiding your true face.

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