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12-year-old girl has a higher IQ than Einstein!

How can you determine whether a person is a genius? According to Mensa IQ test from Great Britain, the magic score is 140. In April 2017, the 12-year Rajagari Par exceeded the figure for the full 22 points.

Yes, this girl achieved a score of 162 points, and it’s about 2 points higher than the results of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

It’s not easy To join at the British Mensa. Your IQ must fall within the top 2%. Par belongs to the best 1% of all people who had done the test.

This young lady is not only smart, but also she is very modest.

“I’m happy, but I think that you should not compare me with Einstein and Hawking, because they are really great, and I do notthink the same about myself,” said the girl.


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