12 facts you probably didn’t known about the animated film Frozen!

The animated film Frozen definitely manages to attract everyone’s attention, and once you see once,you will want again and again … could easily become your favorite movie and to know each of its detail. But surely you did not know these hidden facts behind the scenes. In addition, read some of them.


  1. A team of 50 people worked on the technology scene where Elsa build a palace of ice. To create a frame of the scene took 30 hours. In contrast, of  Elsa film it needs about 36 seconds to create the whole palace.


2. The animators were of  summit for sisterhood to understand what is the relationship between the sisters. This helped to make stronger the relationship between Anna and Elsa.

12 работи кои не сте ги знаеле за анимираниот филм Замрзнато (Frozen)


3. In one version of the film, after the coronation, Hans gave Anna snowball, but the idea failed.


4. In the beginning there was a dressing room between the bedrooms of Anna and Elsa. Although the audience it will be possible to see more interaction between the two sisters, animators thought that the best opption is to separate them after accidentally Elsa injured Anna with her strength.


5. The official back of the kingdom was called Crocusses. He is a symbol of rebirth and spring, and the audience constantly think it’s just a beautiful flower.


6. The Duke of Veselton was originally conceived as a royal control of Anna and Elsa, but as the story progressed, directors changed his role. The animators had to divert attention from  Hans and the Duke of Veselton was perfect for that.


7. Chris Williams, who speaks the character of  Oakenbecame the director of the movie Big Hero 6 (Big Hero 6).


8. “The Snow Queen”, the story of Hans Christian Andersen on which is based the animated film, was originally developed by Walt Disney in the 1939.


9. When Anna becomes fully frozen, it may be noted snowflake, the signature of  Elsa in her eye.


10. Disney artists had to attend a course in meteorology to become familiar with the snow and the formation of snow crystals.


11. When Santino Fontana was auditioned for the role of Hans, he sang the song “I Feel Pretty” from the movie West Side Story (West Side Story).


12. Elsa has more hair than Rapunzel. Rapunzel may have about 20 meters long and shiny hair, but hair Elsa the hair of Elsa contains 420,000 hairs.


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