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10 things that every woman deserve!!

women deserve


1.To be with a man, that the seating at Saturday night in front of TV and hugging on the sofa it is equally fun and reaving like the night clubs. It’s normally that you like sometimes to go out, but the conversation with your partner is better.

2.To be with a partner who run out of his home, although he has an important job, because her boot stuck. This kind of behavior shows that you’re the most important person to him.

3.To be with someone that has similar taste for films. There’s nothing worse than helplessly trying to explain someone the point of the film and he is not interested in it. These different looks can hide large differences and in the general views of the world.

4.To be with a man that in his home have cleaners and uses them. The division of house work is necessary for long and quality relationship.

5.To be with a partner that in the morning will gave her the perfectly best ever that she had in her life. Is that not the best start of the day for both of you??

6.To be the one who understands that sometimes, because of fatigue is simply not in the mood for . Sometimes the fight between the dream and the – the dream weans.

7.To be with a man that will like her pet in the same way that she love em. Because the pet go in the same packet with you, right?

8.To be with a man, that never would say something about your weigh. He should love you in the way you are.

9.To be with someone that will never taunt her strange ideas, belly dancing or bad tips.

10.To be with a man that is absolutely happy in the relationship. You’re fantastic and deserve a person will prices you to the end of your life.

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