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10 most beautiful architectural works of the 21st century!

Each year, modern architecture is becoming more and more fascinating, and the new projects are cause for this astonishment.

Several projects are already in the process of construction, and you will be surely impressed:


  1. “Lakhta Center”, St. Petersburg

    The skyscraper should have 87 floors and be the tallest building in Europe.


2. “The Lagoons”, Dubai

This is expected to be one of the most beautiful complexes in Dubai.


3. “Scaly Tower”, Zhuhai, China

Along between two rivers will be built tower 100 meters long.


4. “The Dancing Dragons”, Seoul

15 projects, mainly made up of two buildings that will impress the world.


5. “The Endless City”, London

This is one of the most “natural” projects of the world, the skyscraper with lots of greenery.


6. “The Infinite House”, Sydney

This is an example of how will look like the homes in the future.


7. “Spiral of Europe”, Brussels

For this architectural work is  responsible an Italian company.


8. “The City of Dreams Hotel Tower”, Macau, China

The 40-storey building which truly is an architectural marvel.


9. “Bionic Tower Lava ‘, Abu Dhabi

Creation that combines work with not only architects but also biologists.


10. “Bionic City”, Shanghai

15 years and is expected in this building to live 100,000 people.



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