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10 ideas,how to decorate your home with materials from nature!

If you want to refresh your home and you do not have finances for expensive renovations, the intake of nature in the home is the perfect solution for you.

Create a relaxed atmosphere and improve air quality using elements from nature.

Above all, at the end result will look gorgeous, and the rooms will get a new charm.

Rocks and stones

Details like marble platter or piece of amethyst would give character to the coffee table and the it will turn into your favorite place for chatting with friends or partner.

Dried Flowers

Excellent substitute for fresh flower arrangements are with dried flowers. It requires care and watering, and a natural beauty. Furthermore, you must continually buy new.

The wood for fire turn in decoration

Plants are not the only way to add elements of nature into your home. The firewood, cut into small pieces, can be an excellent material for decorating.

Buy herbs

The plants will produce beautiful colors and will bring liveliness to your home, and will improve air quality by releasing oxygen.

Another type of plants

Easy to maintain and perfect to add color to monochrome premises – creeping plants are an excellent investment.

Photos of beautiful landscapes

For the best use the space above the fireplace (if you have one) or an empty part of the wall, attach two large photographs of some of your journey. Enter nature footage of inspiring destinations.

Textured leather belts

Use the old straps so that with them will bet the board suspension of bed. Will give life to many old belts, and you will receive a unique bed.

Cut the plants from the garden

Sometimes instant freshness in the home, cutting several branches of the bushes of your garden or your loved ones and arrange before arriving guests.

Color effect

Even one or two bothers flowers will brighten nightstand in your bedroom.

Make art from nature

You can turn the Moss trees into art. Take a wooden frame, paste elements from nature and everyone will turn their gaze on this detail to your home.


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