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10 colors that you will wear this fall!

What color of clothing will be in fashion this cold season?

What awaits the brightest designers and followers of fashion all over the world? See the most modern colors and shades for this season and the selection of fashion designers.

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 Velvet blue

This nuance is something between blue and gray. Simultaneously look rich and warm, and best it is suited to velvet.


Frozen blue

Heavenly silver colors are perfect for girls who apply for winter beauties, with blond hair and blue or gray eyes.


Ashen gray

Gray color for several seasons is a favorite for designers and actively used in all their collections.



This season, there is no place for neon colors and shades. All colors pass through a filter which reduces the level of aggression in them. Even the red color which now looks very noble.


The color of coffee with milk

One of the classic shades that always makes every woman to look beautiful. Universal is suitable for all girls, and will add harmony to any combination.


Gentle burgundy color

The color of the wine has already won a substantial group of fans, but everyone wants to be in a softer form. Therefore it is made a special color, very similar to the color of wine in a softer version.


Smaragd green

Deep, beautiful and incredibly stylish! This nuance can be described in a few words. Ideal for girls with autumn style of clothing, with hair in color of fire and dark or green eyes.


Mustard color

Not a single yellow shade in the autumn-winter collection is unobtrusive, so this season will not be abandoned as well.


Chestnut color

Velvet, suede and leather sre in first place in all collections without exception. These materials look great in brownish-red tint.


Refreshing color of lilacs

This is obviously one of the autumn shades that completely highlights in the fall and winter color palettes. It is light, refreshing and it’s only for the brave. Answers to those who are not afraid to experiment with their looks and want to separate from the crowd.




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